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Bathroom repair is a difficult task that requires a lot of knowledge and expertise. The results of your renovation project could not live up to your expectations if you hire a novice contractor. A lot of homeowners experience problems with their bathroom repairs as a result of hiring unqualified workers.

We never want a client to need to finish a task more than once before being happy with the outcome. If you choose to work with Perth Premier, the appropriate upkeep of your bathroom will determine how happy we are.

We Have A Reputable History

Perth Premier has a successful track record in bathroom renovations Perth wide. Our staff is made up of highly qualified experts that are familiar with every facet of bathroom repair. We employ cutting-edge technology and have the equipment, knowledge, and experience needed to successfully execute any work.

As a reputable Perth bathroom renovator, we can handle jobs of any size. We provide full bathroom solutions. Whether you need urgent repairs or have a leaky faucet. We are qualified to carry out the task correctly. We will be pleased to send a team of renovators to evaluate your problems and suggest any necessary actions to help revive your bathroom.


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No more leaking showers

Leaky showers are bothersome and create an obtrusive trickle that can drive you crazy. It might increase the humidity in your home and waste water. If neglected, it may develop into a haven for mould and other moisture-related problems. You should get an expert to assess and fix any leaky showers.

We are experts in bathroom repair, so we can evaluate any problems and provide you advice on how to solve them. We are the authorities in Perth when it comes to bathroom repair. We will replace broken fixtures, fix leaking tiles, and even fix your shower. To make sure the last-minute repairs hold up, we utilise top-notch sealer. Temporary fixes for leaking faucets are no longer employed.

We can also instal and fix shower screens. We will present you with a number of options if you want to replace your shower screen and assist you in selecting the ideal one for your bathroom. The majority of repairs may typically be made without resorting to damaging re-waterproofing techniques. Any concealed leaks can be fixed, and the damaged portions can be retiled.

Modern white bathroom sink basin with chrome tap water flowing

Prepare Your Home For Sale

The state of your bathroom is important in deciding how much your house is worth. Because of this, some sellers decide to make little improvements to their home's exterior in order to raise its value at the time of sale. You can get the greatest pricing by performing some thoughtful repairs.

Perth Premier will upgrade your bathroom's overall worth by making repairs. We offer modernisation of old spaces as well as general refreshes. Since we have extensive experience in the bathroom repair industry, we will know exactly what to do to assist you in achieving your goals.

In order to guarantee that the final result lives up to our clients' expectations, we only use top-notch components and hire qualified personnel. Our crew is flexible, and we'll take your recommendations into account. Any fresh suggestions you have regarding how you want the work done will be happily incorporated.

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Enhance Your Bathroom To Increase Value

Repairs are one of Perth Premier's areas of expertise. We will collaborate with you during the entire process to raise the appeal and market worth of your bathroom.

We Care About Personalisation

Perth Premier places a high value on offering our clients completely customised bathrooms. We acknowledge that one of your home's most crucial spaces is the bathroom. We take into account your unique needs and make sure that your space truly reflects who you are. By incorporating components and motifs that go well with the rest of your home, we achieve this. Your personalised bathroom will represent your lifestyle and personality with our help.

We have faith in the calibre of the renovation services our staff offers. Because of this, we promise that all of our work will live up to your standards. To ensure that high standards are met and that you are entirely satisfied with the final bathroom we deliver, we collaborate with some of Perth's most recognised tradespeople.

Modern white bathroom sink basin with chrome tap water flowing
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Complete Fix With Fantastic Results

In Perth, we provide a full range of bathroom repair and restoration services. You may rely on our superior knowledge and the finest price offered exclusively by Perth Premier. You won't need to pay until you're totally satisfied with the work because we place a great importance on client happiness. You can get an upfront fixed price from our professionals. Before we start working on your repairs, we let you know the price. Our areas of expertise include:


The specialists at Perth Premier can assist you in identifying any issues with your cistern and advising the best fixes. We have two options: replace it or fix it, depending on the severity of the issue. No matter the model, make, or style, your cistern may be fixed in an hour.

Clogged Drains

The movement of water and trash from your bathroom is hampered by poor drainage. Our knowledgeable neighbourhood plumbers are ready to help right away. We have all the newest equipment to identify the root of the blocked drains. Perth Premier offers pipe relining, hydro jet drain cleaning, and CCTV camera inspection when necessary.

Leaking Taps

An inconvenient leaky tap can ruin your home's interior with water. Our Perth pros are skilled in handling any task related to leaking taps with accuracy, from repairing tap handles to replacing washers. Your taps can be upgraded, repaired, or replaced with the help of our team, saving you money and hassle.

Leaking Breachers

Perth Premier in Perth offers bathroom rooftop leak breacher repairs. In order to offer a long-term solution to the leakage issue, we offer high-quality repairs. Our staff can swiftly decide the best strategy for handling the leak and any other breacher-related problems thanks to years of experience.

Repair Tiles

Tiles are vulnerable to degradation since they are used so frequently. Even before you run into this problem, you can call us right away for quick repair and replacement. We provide specialised replacement, regrouting, repair, and restoration services for all varieties of tiles. Additionally, our experts can help you take rid of the mould and algae on your tiles.

New Vanities

In order to enhance the functioning and aesthetics of your bathroom, we provide new vanities, installations, and repairs. We make sure the new vanities blend in with the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. No matter how large or tiny the vanity is, our crew can fix it.

New Basins

Leading new basin installation and repair experts in Perth are Perth Premier. We help you choose the greatest basin that will function well and satisfy your needs. In order to suit your financial needs and give you a satisfactory new basin, our staff works with you.

New Tapware

Is it your goal to instal or replace new tapware? You can rely on us to deliver first-rate installations, replacements, and repairs of tapware. Whether function or form are more important to you when it comes to the new tapware, our team is always available to help. Any model you like can be provided and installed in your home by us.

Modern white bathroom sink basin with chrome tap water flowing
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