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Every Need For Your Bathroom

Perth Premier is here to help you by simplifying things. We have every component you require to finish your new bathroom. It is useless to aimlessly wander from store to store hoping to get inspired. Fixtures and fittings, such as showers, sinks, and bathtubs, are all a part of what we do. Everything required to redesign a bathroom completely. We have everything you require to create a contemporary, aesthetically pleasing, and useful environment.

Bathroom Accessories That Are Desired

A quality bathroom remodel is difficult without the proper supplies, tools, and accessories. Everything you could possible need in terms of top-notch accessories is available at Perth Premier. We can assist you if you're looking for urinal/toilet fixtures, counter-top basins, or wall-mounted basins. For bathrooms, we also offer premium lighting, tiles, shower trays, and shower heads. Whether you want to construct your own sauna or steam room, we can help.

Owned and Operated Locally

Use high-quality accessories if you want your Perth bathroom renovation to be a success. You need to add these elements to make your environment uniquely yours in order to truly unwind. We can help you with the following extras because we are an Australian company that is locally owned and run.


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Towel Bars

Perth Premier welcomes the unique preferences of each consumer. When you contact us for bathroom renovations, you have a selection of towel bars and hanging choices.


Without at least a functional mirror, a bathroom cannot be considered complete. Every size and shape imaginable is available right now. The most crucial aspect is that it reflects your particular style and gives the impression of more space. A magnificent mirror can enlarge and make any room feel cosier, even one that is small.

Floor Rugs

You'll need these things to maintain your bathroom dry and tidy. If floor tiles are not adequately protected with mats, they can become slippery and dirty. When it comes to decorating your home, there are a tonne of patterns and designs to pick from. We'll make every effort to satisfy your individual needs. The anti-skid elements are crucial for bathrooms since they prevent the floor from getting wet and are constructed of materials that are extremely absorbent.

Tissue Boxes

A tissue box is another necessity that improves comfort and ease. Whether you're looking for a way to dry your hands or a way to offer an elegant tissue solution, installing tissue boxes in your bathroom will add a touch of elegance.

Soap Dispensers

Dispensers for liquid soap are yet another choice for business initiatives. They are a standard feature in every bathroom. We have experience with countertop and wall-mounted options that are both stylish and practical.

Modern white bathroom sink basin with chrome tap water flowing

Make a Statement

Along with its quality, your bathroom should represent your own style. When you're not limited to perusing bathroom showrooms, a customised approach assures you have an inspiring space where you'll want to spend as much time as possible. Because of our creative concepts, Perth Premier is a site you'll be able to visit repeatedly.

Due to our solid relationships with a recognised bathroom supplier chain, we are confident in our ability to provide you a low price. Here are some suggestions that we'll use to liven up your bathroom.

Add Contemporary Flair To Your Bathroom

Please allow us to help you add some much-needed flair to your house. All of our designs have been deliberately created to arouse feelings of friendship and warmth. We love to experiment with contrast, so we're constantly introducing the newest tools and textures to keep things fresh.

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Basin Mixers

There are many different options for basin faucets. You can choose the ideal one for you based on your unique requirements and spending limit. The styles of basin mixers range from traditional to contemporary, and they can be employed in any space.

Kitchen Sinks

Are the highest-quality kitchen sinks what you're looking for? You are free to choose from a variety of sinks we offer. Our kitchen sinks are popular with customers because they are sturdy, well-made, and easy to maintain. You can choose your kitchen sink based on the brand or style you prefer.

Toilet Suites

When it comes to your bathroom needs, we've got you covered. Every one of our suites complies with the rules. There are many different ways to arrange toilet suites, including wall-hung, back-to-wall, link toilet, and close-coupled. You have the choice to sort by category and price during the choosing procedure.

Bathroom Accessories

Perth Premier has the accessories you're seeking for when it comes to clothing. We strive to offer our customers superior quality at a fair price for all of our bathroom products. At our one-stop shop for all things bathroom-related, you'll find goods like grab rails, water filters, and towel rings.

Modern white bathroom sink basin with chrome tap water flowing
Luxury designer freestanding bathtub against modern exposed brick wall

Spa Bath

Here, you may find spa baths of excellent quality at reasonable prices. Our spa tubs are elegant, lavish, and useful. To match the style and dimensions of your space, you can select from a wide range of bathtubs. For your chic and sophisticated bathroom, you may also get the finest high-end spa baths.

Wastes and Gratings

To meet the varied needs of our customers, we have a wide range of gratings and wastes on hand. For all bathrooms, grates that meet industry standards will be available. Since they are all readily available, selecting from a wide range of materials and fashions is simple.

Plumbing and Trade

We offer a range of products to meet all of your plumbing needs. Your bathroom plumbing system requires a number of different components in order to function effectively. No matter what you intend to install during renovations, all plumbing accessories are offered at the lowest prices.

Tallboys, Vanities, and Mirrors

It's crucial to design a functional bathroom that is also soothing. For this reason, we provide premium mirrors, tallboys, and vanities to improve the overall appearance and ambience of your space. The robust design of these items ensures their durability. Everything we provide is reasonably priced and comes with a lengthy warranty.

Underfloor Heating

Perth Premier is a reliable source for all of your heating requirements. We are industry leaders in underfloor heating in addition to new installations and bathroom renovations. You shouldn't worry because our stores always do a good job. No matter the season, our designers are available to assist you with all of your underfloor heating needs.

Accessories and Showers

You may look up and contrast a number of showers and other accessories with Perth Premier. You may personalise showers and other bathroom fixtures to suit your preferences and needs. We have options for every price range when it comes to showers and accessories.

Hot Water Units

Do you yearn for a soothing bath in a hot tub? We'll take care of all your bathroom hot water needs, so you can rely on us. You have a lot of choices for your new or renovated bathroom, and they are all produced by trustworthy companies. Like many of our other items, the units are long-lasting and a great bargain.

LED Mirrors

Buy the best LED mirrors for your bathroom with confidence. In addition to being functional, our LED mirrors also give any space a gorgeous shine. Choose the LED mirror that best complements the colour and design theme of your room. Additionally, you can choose between simple and elaborate styles that we offer for your convenience.

Modern white bathroom sink basin with chrome tap water flowing
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