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We have many years of experience realising the dreams of our clients as a genuine Western Australia-based company with the Bathroom Renovations Perth loves.

Nothing makes us happier than working with Ashendon clients to create a design for your new bathroom that is both attractive and useful. From the beginning to the finish of the renovation, our talented artisans will collaborate closely with you to ensure that your new bathroom in Ashendon exceeds your expectations.
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We offer a wide range of services, from choosing the right products, fixtures, and fittings, to choosing the right bathtub and planning the final tiling and painting. We can assist with any of your bathroom needs.

You should expect nothing less from one of Ashendon's top bathroom remodelling businesses if you want the work done by our expert team of tradespeople to be of the greatest calibre. Whether you require a quick facelift of your current fixtures and fittings or a straightforward replacement of your shower screen, Perth Premier Home Improvements Bathroom Renovations are the go-to professionals for all your bathroom needs.
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When deciding to redesign their bathroom in Ashendon, the majority of individuals have an idea of what they want in mind. Some of our clients like traditional cottage-style themes that fit the era and look fantastic in their houses. In more modern designs, stunning textures, black fixtures, and white tiling have taken the place of conventional chrome fittings and white tile. Others have merged elements from several design schools to produce intriguing, daring, and unique bathroom spaces. Regardless of the vision you may have, we can make it a reality.

Our staff can deliver top-notch craftsmanship for any style or price range because we've worked with such a diverse clientele over the past ten years. Bathroom Renovations by Perth Premier Home Improvements The craftsmen in Perth have renovated countless homes. Everything, from elaborate, affordable bathroom makeovers to specially created showpieces. Throughout the course of your project, you will only ever work with one individual, who will make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. As a result of our rigorous planning and ongoing communication, we can guarantee that your ideal bathroom solutions are delivered on time and within your budget.

From the outset PPHI reassured me the process would be smooth and I would be kept well informed as my new kitchen unfolded. I wasn’t disappointed. Thank you Pierce, great job!

Caroline Peters, BELMONT

I was nervous to start my first home renovation with a badly needed upgrade to my bathroom, the finish is beautiful and I get to enjoy it daily ofcourse. Thanks to Pierce and his team.

Caroline Peters, BELMONT

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For Everything Bathroom

Even if you are still in the planning stages of your design, let us bring the showroom to you so we can show you all the newest brands, fixtures, styles, and ideas. Your complete satisfaction with the things you buy from us is important to us. Our entire line of items is of the highest calibre and is backed by a complete money-back guarantee in the unlikely event of a flaw. In fact, we take extra precautions to make sure you have all the information you require in the event that any of the components used in your bathroom remodel malfunction. Also, don't hesitate to contact us through our website if you have any queries about remodelling your bathroom or bathrooms in general. We would be happy to assist. If you have any questions about the most recent design trends, bathroom solutions, tiling and plumbing, shower screens, fixtures and fittings, product choices, or our complete refurbishing process, we can assist you.

Thanks to our team of Ashendon professionals, Perth Premier Home Improvements Bathroom Renovations is Ashendon's most reputable bathroom makeover company. We have seen and done it all because we have been offering bathroom solutions to Ashendon homeowners for more than ten years. In order to assist you get the most out of your magnificent bathroom renovation job, we've made it our duty to give you as much information as we can.
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You'll Love Your Ashendon Bathroom Renovation

No matter the size of your bathroom, the design choices you make should always be based on how well it will meet your needs. No matter how big or little your bathroom is, Perth Premier Home Improvements Bathroom Renovations can meet all of your remodelling demands. You've found the ideal spot if you require a complete bathroom redesign in Ashendon.
There are several frequent mistakes made by less-experienced professionals when it comes to a complete bathroom redesign in Ashendon. We distinguish ourselves from other Ashendon bathroom renovators by paying close attention to detail. Because of our extensive expertise, we are aware that cutting corners would prevent us from achieving the high standards we have set for ourselves.

Our Ashendon Bathroom Deisgners Top Tips

Bathroom Storage
Having a lot of storage is essential for your bathroom's functionality. You may find out how cluttered your present bathroom is by taking a careful inventory of its drawers, cabinets, and closets. Consider how you'll store all of your bathroom supplies if you want a sleek, contemporary look. When remodelling a bathroom, more is typically preferable to less, and we have lots of storage options.

Bathroom Cabinets

If you want your bathroom to have a particular look or feel, think about recessing your cabinets. This is a fantastic method to maximise your bathroom's space, especially if it's small. As a bonus, it can give you a few more centimetres. If you don't have the option to recess it, your main medicine cabinet should stick out from the wall by roughly 10 centimetres.

Shower ledges

When installing a shower sill, solid materials such as stone or quartz should be used. Water will eventually seep into the grout if the sill isn't angled to allow for good drainage. Many bathroom remodellers neglect to properly slope their shower ledges, resulting in pools of accumulated water. Long-term effects could result in even more severe problems.

Bathroom Lighting

Recessed or hidden lighting is a fantastic choice to keep in mind if you want a modern, clean look for your bathroom. Dimmer switches may be used to regulate these lights, which may be positioned around mirrors or under vanities to create a chic and elegant atmosphere in your bathroom. It's possible that in addition to your mood lighting, you'll still need a brighter lighting option. Use this for close-up tasks like shaving, makeup application, or any other activity.

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