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Before remodelling your kitchen. Plan, plan, plan. Know exactly where every pan, utensil and food item would be stored before you even start construction.

You can double the counter and cabinet space simply by rearranging the layout within the existing walls. The biggest change you can make is to take the nook area from the window wall and relocate it to the middle of the space facing the family room. Moved the sink to the window and add a 960mm x 360mm island in the middle (with table extending from the island).

Some favourite features that Kitchen modellers recommend:

  1. A second sink in the island
  2. Microwave drawer in island
  3. Upper cupboard with swing-out spice rack
  4. Add a tall cabinet above double oven with vertical spacers that accommodates large platters and trays
  5. Use mostly all drawers in the lower cabinets
  6. Deep drawers under the stove for pots and pans
  7. cabinets on either side of the island with vertical spacers that hold cookies sheets, racks and serving trays
  8. Deep drawers in the island for prep items
  9. Full extension drawers that allow access to the back
  10. Cabinets up to the height of the ceiling
  11. Use a fold-up ladder to reach –lots of space up top for seldom-used items
  12. Pull-out drawer-shelves in pantry
  13. Self-closing glides on drawers

Some favourite appliances that Kitchen modellers recommend:

  1. 6 burner gas stovetop and double convection wall oven
  2. Large 2 Door Fridge (Shop around for best price)
  3. Microwave that fits
  4. A quiet dishwasher is a must
  5. Large double sink, bug enough to hold your roasting pan.

The organisation of your kitchen is key to enjoyment.

One of our happy clients recommends the following.

“I organised things a little differently. I use the pantry on one side of the kitchen near the stove for canned goods, kinds of pasta, etc., and located the bread, snacks, cereal, etc., on the other side of the kitchen near the main sink. So if I’m working and someone wants something, they are not in my way! I have separate upper cabinets that hold all baking goods. Entertaining items like wine glasses are located in the cabinet closest to entry.

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