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Country Kitchen Designs

A country-style kitchen often incorporates wooden furniture, such as a large wooden table and chairs, other natural materials, and traditional accessories and furniture. Country-style kitchens vary by region and can differ from country to country. Still, the basic idea is the same: it's a period that suggests a more fundamental and straightforward way of life.

This notion of simplicity is alluring and reassuring in today's complex and frequently chaotic environment. For country living, the interior design complements the immediate environment, while for city dwellers, it offers a tranquil and pleasant alternative to crowded streets loaded with traffic.

Your dwelling's kitchen is one of the most often used rooms in the house, serving as a gathering space for socialising and dining. It is crucial that all home members feel at ease and comfortable in the kitchen, and decorating in a country style accomplishes this.

To make a country-style kitchen, you need to use furniture and fixtures made from natural materials like wood, stone, and tiles, as well as country-style accents.

Ideas For Country Kitchen Designs

Country kitchen concepts are not exclusive to rural residents. As many of us are spending abundantly more time in our houses, you may have explored how to make them cosier and more comfortable. And for many, this suggests a rustic appearance.

This necessitates a renewed interest in rural design ideas, particularly for the kitchens design, the heart of our home. These country kitchen ideas illustrate how to create an interior influenced by rural life by emphasising natural materials, family-oriented functionality, and flexible hues.

Loaded with period charm, country kitchen designs often have a lived-in look steeped in tradition that blends time-honoured stones and woods for a homely, homemade impression. Explore how this design might be updated with contemporary hues to create a streamlined and inviting modern country kitchen arrangement.

Faux flagstone

Stone floors are commonly associated with farmhouses, but they may be costly, time-consuming to upkeep, and unpleasant to walk on. As a more cost-effective alternative, replica tiles give the same visual appeal with the added benefit of being easier to clean and install because they lack grout.

This option can also be warm underfoot when equipped with underfloor heating, making walking around on chilly mornings pleasant.

A good range can be the ideal focal point

A nod to the days when the kitchen was the warmest room in the house, freestanding cooking equipment is eternally associated with notions of cosy living – perfect for rural-themed schemes.

These versions include multiple compartments that may be used at different temperatures simultaneously, making them a must-have for family eating and entertaining. With their powerful looks, these devices can make great focal points, especially when they are finished in slate grey or black.

Incorporeal wooden surfaces

Natural materials are the go-to for furnishings in a country-inspired interior, which is situated in a rural area surrounded by greenery. Solid wood countertops imitate the brown and yellow hues in nature and give your room a warm feel. These patterns also have texture to make them feel more natural, and they can be kept looking perfect with oils or stains.

Install ceramic

A ceramic sink-bowl possesses a wealth of vintage charm, ideally at home in a rural setting. The delicately rounded corners contribute to the comfortable atmosphere of cottage-inspired decor, while the brilliant white finish lights up the washing area.

This option is sturdy and often more profound than other models, so it's great for busy households and serious cooks who must wash pots and pans and serve dishes simultaneously.


Once widespread in farmhouse kitchens due to their adaptable storage capabilities, larders are regaining popularity. Whereas traditional pantries emphasise walk-in designs, larder cabinets optimise storage in contemporary homes with lower capacity. With space for various non-perishable items, it is simple to keep everyday necessities close at hand.


The cosy appearance of a country-inspired design makes it an apparent communal space, which may be maximised by selecting a kitchen-dining room floor plan. Units should be installed across two walls to meet in a corner, giving ample space for a family dining table arrangement. This design also has a lot of places to work, which makes it easy to prepare a Sunday dinner without taking over the social areas.

Stable cupboards

The shaker unit's five-piece structure exemplifies the handcrafted idea at the heart of this style, a hallmark of rural interiors. For a realistic appearance, use a strong wood structure built to last. Paintable alternatives also allow you to change a design as trends and tastes change. This is an essential part of a country's design that will last for a long time.

New hues

Now is the moment to try something different – like blue – in kitchens, where more and more colours are gaining popularity. At the milder end of the colour spectrum, dark colours give space for a French farmhouse appearance. Stronger shades of navy bring to mind the luxury of country estates with a cosy, friendly atmosphere.

Polished porcelain

Creamy neutrals are the colour of choice for establishing a rural aesthetic because they are clean, relaxing, and compatible with many different hues. It helps create an airy atmosphere and reflects light in a calming manner, making it ideal for smaller rooms. This colour also includes warm tones that generate a super-cosy ambiance, which is ideal for cooking heavy meals.

Country Vs. Modern Kitchen - Which Is Best?

Kitchen renovation is thrilling, but it can be challenging to determine exactly what you desire. Will a cosy country kitchen become your house's core, or is a stylish, modern kitchen more your style?

Since you're investing your time and money into your remodelling project, you must pick a new design you'll love for years to come. Here are six design parameters to guide your decision-making process.


First, you must evaluate the ambiance you desire for your kitchen. Do you find horizontal, clean, sleek lines stimulating? Or would you want a cosier, more rustic layout that encourages family members to sit and converse over meals?

Do you like to keep everything hidden, or do you like to show off pots, canisters, utensils, and decorative items? You should opt for a modern design if you prefer a sleek, uncluttered kitchen. In contrast, if you want your kitchen to feel comfortable and pleasant, you should opt for a country design.


Kitchen cabinets may be the most crucial design aspect. They take up the majority of the space in your kitchen, so getting them right is critical. If you desire a modern, streamlined appearance, you will often choose cabinets with smooth surfaces to achieve this impression.

You can choose not to have any hardware that can be seen, or you can choose thin, horizontal cabinet pulls that match the clean look of the kitchen. Do you prefer a rural or farm-like environment?

Your kitchen's country look will be enhanced by raised panel doors, beautiful glass panels, and wire mesh. If you want to give your home's kitchen a rustic, country look, you could put in a custom pantry with barn doors or a cold larder.


Colours have a significant role in achieving the desired style. Typically, a contemporary kitchen features black, grey, or white cabinetry and stainless-steel appliances. On the other hand, a country kitchen may use white pieces for an airy effect, brighter colours such as blues or yellows, or a concentration on wooden materials, such as glazed or stained maple, hickory, or oak.

Fixtures and accessories

Accents and hardware may either make or break an ensemble. A contemporary kitchen will serve you well if you favour a minimalist aesthetic. Typically, modern kitchens feature slim, elegant hardware and few, if any, embellishments.

On the other hand, a country kitchen is ideal if you appreciate ornamental accents and hardware. You may offer a great deal of charm through ornamental accents and accessories such as wrought iron fixtures, wire mesh, a butler's sink, brass rails, and coloured tiles.


Your choice of lighting will also affect the style of your kitchen. Modern kitchens often have bright lighting highlighting the kitchen's clean lines and smooth surfaces. Moreover, modern kitchens often have few fixtures, so recessed lighting is frequently the best option. On the other hand, country kitchens tend to have softer lighting, fancy fixtures, and a lot of natural light.


Your range is frequently the kitchen's focal point, so it should complement the overall design. A cast-iron range cooker is a traditional choice for a country kitchen, but you may create a country-style kitchen with a brightly coloured or neutrally coloured range. In contrast, stainless steel is the material of choice for contemporary kitchens. Keep in mind that the range hood will also affect the appearance of your kitchen.

Why Choose A Country-Style Kitchen?

According to experts, tradition is the primary inspiration for this style. In the past, the kitchen or dining area was a large room with a large table in the middle. This table was the focal point of the room. This style's current popularity is due to its reliance on tradition as the primary element and concept.

To simplify your lifestyle, every country kitchen will always be spacious. You can customise it to your liking, choosing a style that resembles a primary farmer's rural home, or you can go for a grand house feel. Both would provide a rustic touch to your kitchen and are fashionable!

For this style of kitchen, a range cooker is ideal. Because tradition stems from one's way of life, it is basic yet practical. This way, your range cooker will be the focal point, and you won't have to worry about potential excessive energy expenditures! You can get cast-iron ranges today, and various trendy, multi-coloured options will make your kitchen appear more rustic.

Pick A Country-Styled Kitchen Of Your Dreams

In this article, we explored the basis of country-style kitchens, ideas of achieving one, and most importantly, factors to consider before deciding to adopt this type of kitchen. If you are a fan of this type of kitchen, the information provided in this article should be enough to guide you on what to consider before starting the project.

When you finally decide to adopt this kitchen in your home, it is best to hire a professional home improvement expert who will evaluate your space, efficiently select your materials, and deliver a job you will be proud of!

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