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Here are 5 great reasons you may which to renovate your Kitchen with Perth Premier Home Improvements.

  • Improve Home Value: Renovating your kitchen will add value to your home, more than any other room in your home and attract buyers if you’re selling.
  • Function and Space Improvement: Whether your knocking down a wall, to open up the area, adding new cabinets, new lights or larger bench area, this will all add to the overall functionality of your kitchen, making it a more pleasurable hub of the home.
  • Upgrading to a new kitchen appliance as in a new dishwasher, stove, refrigerator, and lighting fixture with energy efficient models will save on your energy bills.  Most new appliances have a higher energy efficient rating than
  • Adding a new floor will dynamically change the whole feel and openness of your whole home. Usually the floor extends to the open living area. Consider this a non-negotiable move when renovating your kitchen and take your time to choose the colour and pattern.  Our designer can help with your choice.
  • Adding windows and New Exhaust fans will improve the comfort and safety of your kitchen at the same time. Letting more sunlight through and efficient smoke removal allows for a healthy and comfortable kitchen.

Above is our latest kitchen renovation in Landsdale, Perth WA.

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