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A kitchen renovation gives you the opportunity to rethink everything about your kitchen design. You may have some ideas of your own, but Perth Premier Home Improvements is up-to-date with all the newest ideas and kitchen technology. Here are five questions to ask your designer and builder before your kitchen renovation begins. They will help you maximise your kitchen space and can save you money.

1. Can I improve my kitchen layout?

Is your current kitchen layout as efficient as it could be? You may be used to your current layout and not realise that a change might improve your new kitchen. For example, your kitchen triangle might not be optimal, or you may be able to add a kitchen island or peninsula. Perth Premier Home Improvements can discuss your layout options with you and their costs.

2. What can I do about my kitchen drawers?

Are you looking to get your home interiors done? Let Perth Premier Home Improvements help you! Talk To A Designer.

You use your kitchen drawers every day, but do you have enough drawers? Are they easy to use or are they overcrowded? Your kitchen builder can show you drawer options you may not have thought of. A row of top drawers will make finding the things you need easier and you might want to add some pot drawers to make it easier to access your most used pots and pans. In fact, there’s a drawer for everything, including your plates.

3. Do I need a bigger pantry?

Pantries never are big enough, but that’s often because they aren’t well-designed. Your kitchen builder can recommend pantry inserts that will maximise the space you have for your pantry. You may even be able to have a smaller pantry, but because the space has been maximised, you will have all the room you need.

4. Is there anything I can do about my corner cabinets?

Corner cabinets have traditionally been the biggest kitchen problem. They have to be deep, but when they only have shelves, you can really only use the front of the shelves. Modern corner cabinet hardware solves the problem. You can even have corner drawers if you like. Your kitchen builder can show you all your options and help you choose what’s best for your kitchen.

5. How can I improve the space under my sink?

The space under your sink is another problem area. Here again, you can use modern hardware to make using your bins accessing your cleaning products much easier.

6. Do you have any suggestions for my kitchen sink?

For decades, stainless steel sinks have been the trend. Your choices included variations on single and double sinks and drainboards. Today, you have more kitchen sink options and one of them might be the finishing touch your kitchen needs. And don’t forget to look at your choices in kitchen taps.

You owe it to yourself to sit down with your kitchen builder and talk about all your kitchen options. You may be surprised by the latest innovations and delighted to discover they don’t add to the cost of a kitchen.

Are you looking to get your home interiors done? Let Perth Premier Home Improvements help you! Talk To A Designer.

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