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The inspiration ahead is precisely what you need to get started at your future bathroom and will definitely make your mornings better. Check out these 7 tips to renovate your bathroom.

1. Tile to Match Your Style

A classy white tile is often a staple in many bathrooms. Sure, they are great for resale value, and can often be a safe long-term solution when trying to sell your house. However, a feature tiled area can be the hallmark of fantastic bathroom design. Be bold! Mosaics, geometry or abstract tiles with striking colours to contrast the neutral tones of your design. Ceiling high tiling may cost more, but will help to make your bathroom seem much larger than it is!

2. Create a Seamless Design

When considering bathroom colours for tiles, paint and vanities, colours should either compliment or contrast each other. The chrome/silver fixtures typically contrast with neutral tones of tiles and paint. If you are unsure about your design, ask yourself if an element is “robbing” the spot light. Getting this seamless design right will result in a relaxing and inviting bathroom.

3. Select Powerful Bathroom Fixtures

Instead of going for standard bathroom fixtures, think of creating a statement with an over the top bathtub or a chic bathroom vanity! You will be surprised to see the change it can bring to your bathroom. Straight lines and Abstract fixtures can assist in giving your bathroom a more modern look, while curved lines and curved fixtures can give you a more traditional look.

4. Create a Focal Point

When you walk into a friends bathroom, what is the first thing you notice? Is it the rusty fixtures? The ornate bathtub? The awkwardly placed toilet? Or is it the amazing pattern and colour in a vertical column of mosaics? Is it a bold rainfall showerhead? Consider having one feature as a focal point which tends to dominate the eyes a little, this will be the first thing people remember when viewing your bathroom. Make a statement.

5. Plan for Adequate Storage

Clever bathroom drawers for personal items will help keep your vanity benchtop free and clear for a modern, sleek and clean look. Consider your partner also with “his and hers” space. Your partner will appreciate it. A bathroom should not only look amazing, but also be functional and practical.

6. Separate Your Wet Area

A framed glass door to separate your wet areas are essential. Clear glass will allow light to pass through the areas making your bathroom feel larger and more inviting. If you need a little more privacy, consider a slightly opaque glass panel, but try not to block the two areas off.

7. Plan for a Natural feel

Allow plenty of natural light to pass into your bathroom. It will give your bathroom a spa-like feel. Slightly opaque glass can still be used to maintain privacy, but allow the light to make your bathroom shine. Wood grains textures in vanities may give your bathroom a fresh, beach like feel, but be subtle and don’t over do it.

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