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Choose Bathroom design styles that resonate with you

When it comes to bathroom designs colours and styles there are limitless choices and it can be all overwhelming. Our motto is take your time when choosing.

DO, listen to friends and family and then do you own research. here are a few more tips.

  • Make sure your final choice feels right and you have no doubts before you sign off.
  • Take a week or more to research and reflect on your bathroom colour theme and tiles, taps and sink.
  • If you are shopping in a store, where comfy shoes and plan your day out with a meal in-between
  • Take your time and you will be glad you did, you have to live with it for a long time after all.
  • If you’re upgrading your bathroom in order to sell your home go with a current look that co-ordinates with the home.
  • Think about what resonates with you.  Warm and cosy, wood grain or beach, black & white, marble or granite bench tops. etc
  • Another source to get inspiration from is Pinterest or just google the net. Jeff lewis Design?
  • If you want to talk to us, get in touch with Pierce, he will give you the gold star treatment and sound advice.

There will be a little inconvenience and a little dust with your new bathroom renovation, however, remember to have fun with your new project and enjoy the process.

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