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One of the most popular ways to add a layer of luxury to your bathroom, is by adding a dual shower. Twin showers are a growing trend in Australia as home owners look for more ways to make their bathrooms impressive.

Dual showers add a suggestion of intimacy, typically reserved for a master ensuite, but nothing is stopping you from having dual showers in a family or guest bathroom.

Do I need a huge space or area for twin showers?

You may think you need a huge area for twin showers, however when you work with a team like Premier Home Improvements, clever design is all you really need. If your dream is to have twin showers, we can help you maximise ever millimetre of spare space to make your dream a reality.

How to make your twin shower space shine

The bathroom should be designed around this feature, be bold with shower head designs which will draw the eye. Also, consider pairing your dual shower with dual vanities, or at-least a clearly defined “his & hers” space. Symmetrical drawers are nice touch and a very practical for bathroom storage for your bathroom renovation.

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