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Adding An Ensuite To Your Bedroom

When planning to add an extra room, one of the main things people consider is how much space they can create and what they can use that space for. An ensuite bedroom is a popular choice for many homeowners – it's often more accessible than going down the hall to another bathroom. It also offers added privacy when getting ready in the morning or unwinding in the evening.

Factors To Consider For A Bedroom Ensuite


When considering an ensuite bedroom, size is essential to keep in mind. You'll need to consider the overall size of the room and the available space for bathroom fixtures and fittings. If you don't have enough space, you may need to scale back your plans or consider a different layout altogether.


Of course, the cost is always a significant consideration when undertaking renovation projects in real homes. An ensuite bedroom can be a considerable investment, so be sure to get quotes from a few different contractors before making any decisions.


The layout of your ensuite bedroom will significantly impact its overall look and feel. Plan carefully and consider how you would like to arrange the various fixtures and fittings.


Proper ventilation is essential in any bathroom, but it's crucial in an ensuite where there is typically no window. Be sure to include a fan or some other form of ventilation in your plans to ensure the space doesn't become too steamy.


Lighting is another essential factor to consider when planning a new bathroom. You'll want to create a bright and inviting space, so be sure to include plenty of task lighting and some accent lighting for ambiance.


Ensuite bathrooms are often smaller than main bathrooms, so storage can be a bit of a challenge. Include plenty of built-in storage in your plans, or consider using bathroom furniture pieces that double as storage.


Finally, don't forget to choose finishes that complement the overall style of your home. An ensuite bedroom is an excellent opportunity to add a touch of luxury, so be sure to select materials and fixtures that reflect your taste.

Benefits Of An Ensuite Bedroom

An ensuite as an extra bathroom is a great way to add value and convenience to your home. Aside from the practical benefits of ensuite bedrooms, there are also other reasons why you might want to consider installing an ensuite in your bedroom.

While adding an ensuite might seem like an obvious choice, there are several benefits that you may not have considered before, including:

Extra storage space

One place you can put large items like tins of paint, cleaning supplies, and spare bedding is in your bedroom and ensuite bathroom – so when you add a new ensuite, you're getting extra storage space that you might not have had before.

Improves the resale value of your home

If you plan on selling your house and consider adding an ensuite to a bedroom, it's often possible to recoup most of the costs involved by increasing your property's value.

Gives you space to get ready

Sometimes mornings at home feel like they go by faster than at work! Busy parents can struggle with getting everyone ready and out the door fast enough on weekday mornings. Having an ensuite can help alleviate some of this pressure by giving everyone their own space to get ready.

Offers a place to relax

If you've had quite a tough day at work or are just feeling stressed out, it would be beneficial to have a quiet space to relax in – and your ensuite can provide that for you.

Can make your home more energy-efficient

If you add an ensuite when renovating your home, you have the opportunity to make other energy-saving improvements at the same time, such as adding insulation and low-flow toilets and showerheads.

Easier to clean

When you have an ensuite, it makes it much simpler to keep things looking and smelling clean.

Effective for use by guests

Using a shared bathroom can feel awkward for many people, especially when you have guests staying over for the night or trying to get ready on busy weekday mornings with your family around. An ensuite means that everyone has their own space where they are less likely to be interrupted or feel self-conscious while they are getting ready. Therefore, other than the master bedroom, you can add an extra bathroom space in the guestroom.

Relieves the stress of noisy showers

It can be incredibly irritating if you have roommates or live near neighbours who like taking long showers early in the morning or late at night. An ensuite means that you don't have to worry about this happening and can keep yourself from losing sleep over it.

Overall, adding an ensuite to your home can offer several benefits that you may not have considered before. An ensuite can be a great addition to any property, from extra storage space and improved resale value to increased privacy and convenience. If you are considering some changes to your home, keep an ensuite in mind. However, first, find out whether you will need planning permission before you start working on your project.

Ensuite Bedroom Ideas

When designing an ensuite bedroom, there are several things you can do to make it truly special. Here are some ensuite bedroom and bathroom ideas to make your ensuite bedroom stand out:

Focus on the use of light

Natural light is always preferable in any room, which is especially true when it comes to the bathroom. If you want your ensuite to feel bright and airy, look for ways to maximise the light that comes into the space. This might involve installing larger windows or skylights, choosing lighter-coloured paints, or using a glass shower enclosure instead of a traditional tile one.

Add some luxury touches

There's nothing quite like stepping from a warm shower and into a sumptuously soft towel or robe. Adding some luxurious touches to your ensuite will make it feel special. Consider investing in high-quality linens and towels or adding a heated floor.

Create a spa-like atmosphere

If you want your ensuite to feel like a personal retreat, focus on creating a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere. This might involve adding an aromatherapy diffuser, installing a rainfall showerhead, or using soft lighting.

Keep the clutter at bay

Another way to make your ensuite feel spacious and serene is by keeping the clutter at a minimum. This entails finding creative storage solutions for all of your toiletries and towels.

Incorporate interesting textures

Nothing adds interest to a room like different textures and materials. If you want your ensuite to feel luxurious, look for ways to incorporate things like marble, granite, slate, glass, or even wood into the design.

Add some artful touches

Whether it's a stunning piece of artwork in the bedroom itself or an impressive wallpaper border on one of the walls, using artfully designed touches is a great way to add character and personality to your ensuite.

Consider bringing nature inside

Bringing nature indoors can be a fantastic way to make any space feel more serene and peaceful. If you have room for it in your ensuite bathroom, consider adding a small water feature or indoor plants.

Use Feng Shui principles

Incorporating some basic Feng Shui principles into your ensuite's design can help create a sense of harmony and balance in the space. This might involve paying attention to the positioning of the furniture, choosing colours that promote relaxation, or incorporating different elements of nature into the design.

Create a "wet room" style ensuite

This involves covering the entire floor area with waterproof material and installing a shower in one corner. It is a popular option for small bathrooms as it doesn't require any extra tiling or panelling, but it can be more expensive to install due to the need for waterproofing materials.

Install a shower unit

You can also install a shower unit inside an existing room and partition it off with a shower curtain or screen. This is the cheapest way to create an ensuite bathroom, but it requires an existing space that is large enough to accommodate the shower unit.

Purchase a prefabricated shower unit and enclose it within its dedicated room, or tile the area around it to create an illusion of a separate room. These units often come with all the plumbing fixtures needed, so they can be a convenient option if you're tight on space.

Incorporate symmetry

Symmetry is often used in design because it's visually pleasing. But it can also be calming and relaxing. So, if you want to create a serene space, consider incorporating some symmetrical elements into your ensuite design.

Consider practicality

It's important to balance aesthetics with practicality when designing your ensuite. You don't want to end up with something that looks beautiful but is impractical for everyday use. So always keep both functionality and appearance in mind when choosing your design elements and furnishings.

Keep it simple

Sometimes, less turns out to be more when it comes to design. If you want your ensuite to feel tranquil and uncluttered, focus on keeping the overall design simple and clean.

Make it uniquely yours

Ultimately, your ensuite should be a reflection of your style. So don't be afraid to let your personality shine through, even in this small space. Whether that means incorporating bold colours or choosing interesting artwork, you'll love the way your ensuite bedroom looks when it's all finished!

Hire A Professional Contractor

No matter which option you choose, creating an ensuite for a bedroom can be a great way to add value and luxury to your home. Consult with a professional bathroom designer or bathroom renovations company and find out what's possible before making any final decisions.

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